Beach Gear Rental Pricing Up To 4 hours 4-24 Hours More Days Weekly
Stand-up Paddleboard Rental $30 $40 $25 $135
Long Board Rental $24 $32 $20 $108
Short Board Rental $21 $28 $18 $95
Soft Board Rental $15 $20 $13 $68
Boogie Board Rental $4 $5 $3 $16
Beach Chair Rental $4 $5 $3 $16
Camping Chair Rental $4 $5 $3 $16
Shade Umbrella Rental $4 $5 $3 $16
Easy-up Canopy Rental $9 $12 $8 $41
Cooler Rental $4 $5 $3 $16
Outdoor Table Rental $6 $8 $5 $27
Men’s Bicycle Rental $15 $20 $13 $68
Women’s Bicycle Rental $15 $20 $13 $68
Kids Buggy Bike Trailer $12 $15 $10 $53
Kid’s Bike (boy) Rental $8 $11 $7 $36
Kid’s Bike (girl) Rental $8 $11 $7 $36
Volleyball Net with Poles Rental $21 $28 $18 $95
Volleyball Net Only Rental $15 $20 $13 $68
Volleyball Rental $4 $5 $3 $16
Wetsuit Rental $9 $12 $8 $41
Cornhole Rental $15 $20 $13 $68
Bocce Ball $7 $9 $6 $29

Wouldn’t it be a dream to show up at the beach and have all your beach gear brought to you? Try out San Diego’s most convenient rental service. K-Dub has bike rentals, paddle board rentals, and more!

K-Dub’s Beach Rentals provides a unique service to local San Diegan’s and our welcomed out of town visitors. Don’t want to carry that heavy paddleboard from the rental shop?  Our user friendly website allows for beach-goers to rent beach equipment and have it delivered directly to them at the beach or wherever most convenient.

Choose from our awesome selection of products and checkout seamlessly online. K-Dub will meet you at the beach with all your stuff! Try out San Diego’s most convenient rental service. K-Dub’s has bike rentals, paddle board rentals, and more!


Starting at $15.00

Cruise along San Diego’s board walks and meander through our beach towns with ease. Explore the many bike paths and board walks around Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Pacific Beach.

Our rental bikes are high-quality, stylish, and well maintained. They are inspected after each use, to ensure they remain easy to ride, reliable and in full working order. We offer both women’s and men’s Cruisers (no gears). All our bike rentals come with the option of a basket, helmet and a lock.

Rent a Beach Cruiser with K-Dub’s Beach Rentals and we will meet you with the bikes wherever you are and arrange for pick up wherever you like! It’s that easy! Half day, full day, multiple day or weekly rentals available.  Getting tired and don;t want to ride any further, just lock up your bike, call K-Dub and he will be there in moments to pick up the rental bikes.


Starting at $15.00

Are you some kind of ripper or maybe you just think you are? Regardless of skill level, K-Dub’s Beach Rentals will hook you up!!  We have paddle boards, surf boards, boogie boards, and more for your enjoyment on the beach and bay.  Mission Bay is one of the best paddle boarding spots in San Diego.  There are great surf breaks for all skill levels along the beaches of Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, and Pacific Beach.  Let K-Dub’s carry your boards so you can focus on the waves!

Select your board of choice from our quiver and we will meet you at your favorite beach or surf break! Don’t worry about dropping it back off when you’re done, K-Dub’s will pick it up for you so you can go do more important things like grab that post surf beer or well-deserved breakfast burrito! Half day, full day, multiple day or weekly rentals available.

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Monday: 8am-Sunset

Tuesday: 8am-Sunset

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