Another great Paddle Boarding route I have personally taken a handful of times. For this one I like to start Paddle Boarding from the Courtyard Marriot (located at 2592 Laning Rd. In Liberty Station) because of the available parking and easy access to the beach.

Parking and the easy beach access is a good commodity here on this paddle board route. Making things a lot easier and smoother. To make things even smoother, K-Dub will personally drop off your SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) directly to you on the beach. You don’t have to worry about anything! If you do decide to park there, the parking lot is located on the Eastside of Cushing Rd and Farragut Rd.

Below I’ve added two options of routes on this Paddle boarding trip. The first one is a shorter relaxing paddle and the second is a longer, more scenic route:

1.5 Miles 1 Hour

Once you’re at the beach directly in front of the Courtyard Marriot you can start Paddle Boarding heading north down the narrow bay. Along this route, you’ll see the Liberty Station Park on your left (west) with open areas of grass the entire way and on your right (east) you’ll have more of a business park view such as the San Diego State University Coastal and Marine Institute, San Diego Police and Fire Training center, and the San Diego Fire Rescue Training Facility, among others. This is a nice, short route for those who want a relaxing paddle in the calm waters of the San Diego Bay. I also recommend going early for a sunrise paddle to see the great San Diego sunrise and enjoy the calm water with cooler temperatures. Continue along heading north in the Bay and you will eventually reach a dead end. Mess around there and take some pictures or sit down and take a breather. Afterwards, simply head back in the direction you came and just like that, you’ve paddle boarded 1.5 miles.

4 Miles 2-3 Hours

This route is slightly longer paddle and has a lot more exciting views. Be prepared to get in a good workout with this being a 4-mile paddle. Starting out at the same spot on the beach from the Courtyard Marriot you’ll want to head south towards the two bridges (Hasley Rd and N. Harbor Dr. Bridge) Once you paddle board through the two bridges you will see all the boat docks on your left-hand side (east) also approaching the tip of Harbor Island. If after you are done paddle boarding, you want to get a bite to eat, I recommend going to eat at Tom Ham’s, which also happens to be at the very end of the island. Great seafood and amazing views! After you pass Tom Ham’s continue paddling east along the coast of the island, staying close to the shore. Directly in front of you, in the distance, is downtown San Diego and to your right (south) is Coronado island. Take in all the views as you paddle board along the island and once you’ve reached the eastern most tip, you’ll come up to two more restaurants: Island Prime and Coasterra. That is where I stopped the route but if you’re feeling energized and want to get closer to downtown, continue east. Once you’ve done all the sightseeing on your paddle board, head back towards the original launching point. A great workout and magnificent views!

Once you are done Paddle Boarding Call K-Dub and he can be there within minutes to pick up your equipment, simple as that!