K-Dub’s Beach Rentals owners, Eric and Nancy, took time off of their busy weekend schedule of surfin’ and partyin’ to help find some of the best tacos in the beach areas.  There are hundreds of taco shops in the beach areas but given that our stomachs are only so big, so we did a little research and narrowed it down to 3 spots.  We decided to focus mainly on street tacos and choose one spot in each of the beach areas in which we deliver our beach gear.  We started off on our freshly tuned K-Dub’s beach cruisers and headed to south Ocean Beach, Sunnie’s (www.sunniesoceanbeach.com) Located on Point Loma Avenue.  I’ve been hearing a lot about this place and it did not disappoint.  It’s an order up at the counter type of place with mostly locals filling up most of the tables.  They have 3 types of street tacos to choose from:  carnitas, carne asada and pollo.  We mixed and matched, splitting each taco to preserve maximum space in our bellies.   We also enjoyed the cucumber lime-aid (omg, delish) and horchata.  The tacos were delivered by exceptionally friendly staff, offering 3 types of salsas, to which we asked for all (of course).  The tacos were all amazing, the fresh cilantro really popping out.  Our favorite was the carnitas and our bill was $16.


From there we took a quick pit stop at Kilowatt Brewing (www.kilowatt.beer) as we needed to wet our whistle with some tasty beer before we took the 6.7 mile ride over to our next stop, Sandbar in Mission Beach (www.sandbarsportsgrill.com).  I got a tip from a local foodie that this place is known for their tacos, which admittingly surprised me some as this place is smack dab in the heart of vacationer/tourist row, I guess I just didn’t expect a bar that is jam packed during the summer nights to serve spectacular food…but boy, were we mistaken!   A mostly younger crowd, mixed locals and tourists, we sat up at the bar and were greeted right away (love it when that happens).  We ordered the fish taco (street style) and the “Juan’s Street Taco”.  Both tacos blew us away!  No joke, they were delicious.  I hear that we didn’t even get the taco style they are known for, the “TKO”.   Sandbar bill for food was about $13.


We were getting pretty full at this point, but we were determined to complete the mission.  Onward to our next and final stop, Tacos Mimi (www.tacosmimi.com) in Pacific Beach.  I found this place on Yelp, they had just under 5 stars with over a hundred reviews, so I was anxious to give it a try.  The boardwalk was PACKED so we hopped on our bikes and jetted over to the bay (remember speed limit is 8 mph) to Cass St. then cut in.  After you cross Garnet it’s tucked in by a pizza place, just look for the hot pink sign.  Up at the counter, the super friendly staff took our order of a shrimp taco and a potato.  Total bill, $5.  This place doesn’t look like much from the outside, but they make up for it in flavor and you just can’t beat the price.  The potato taco was a fried to order hard shell and the shrimp had excellent seasoning.


Having completed our tour and needing to work off all those taco calories, we took the Ingraham St. Bridge back up and over into Ocean Beach.  Don’t forget, however, if you don’t feel like riding home or if the beers get the best of you, at any point you can give K-Dub a call and he’ll just come grab the bikes wherever you have locked them up.  It was a gorgeous day and The Taco Tour was a huge success, delicious food, new places, eye opening experiences and got some great exercise!