This is a great bike route to take because you get to bike through Ocean Beach and Point Loma, have views of the San Diego Bay and you can also experience downtown San Diego, all under an hour. This is about a 16-mile round trip bike ride, you won’t have to worry about any steep hills at all. Very manageable on your K-Dub’s beach cruiser.

On this bike route, I’ve started it off at the Ocean Beach parking lot, which is located at 2166-2198 Spray St. Of course, you can start anywhere in Ocean beach but I like this area because of the available parking. Once you’ve parked your car, call K-Dub’s and he can be there within minutes to drop off your bike.

7.8 Miles (one way) & 45 Minutes (one way)

Leaving the parking lot, head northeast on Spray St. which turns into W. Point Loma Blvd. Stay on Point Loma Blvd until you reach Nimitz Blvd. (about 1 mile) Before approaching Nimitz you’ll come to a section of road where it veers to the right, follow that. (don’t make a right at the intersection) Once you’ve kept to the right, stay on Nimitz for about 2 miles until you come to N. Harbor Drive. Take a left there and you’ll come to a bridge. Stop there if you’d like to check out the bay and capture a few pictures. A lot of amazing views from that bridge! As you continue on N. Harbor Drive, keep an eye out for the intersection of Harbor Island Drive. There you will want to pass that intersection but stay to the right, where they have a bike path. Continue on that bike path and it will keep you going in the same direction as the street. Follow that path until you have come to Broadway and you have now reached downtown! Lock up your beach cruiser and explore all the ships, and if you have time stop in to see the Midway Museum and everything downtown has to offer. Once you’re done with your day, head back the same direction you came and K-dub will meet you at the parking lot to pick up your beach cruiser.