When friends visit, one of our FAVORITE things to do is bike around our local San Diego beach towns.  San Diego bike rentals are available in store fronts in certain areas, mostly in Mission Beach.  However, we live in the Loma Portal area, so just waltzing up to a store front to rent bikes isn’t so easy.  K-Dub’s Beach Rentals wanted to make bike rentals fun, not a hassle!  With K-Dub, you go online and select which bike you want, when you want it, for how long, where we can drop it off and where we can pick it up.  Bike rentals in San Diego never had it so easy!

9 Miles Round-Trip

One of my favorite rides is Ocean Beach to North Pacific Beach. We start the ride along the San Diego River, head north/over the Ocean Beach bridge, you’ll see signs directing you to Mission Beach, and then take a slight left down the short unkempt path to and make a right at the service road that access the Marina’s/Marina Village.  Make a left at Mission Blvd. light, go up and over the Mission Bay bridge and then you are at Belmont Park.  Head north along the boardwalk and end at Law Street in PB.

We like to start at Mother’s Saloon (http://motherssaloon.com/) in Ocean Beach, try the Mother’s Tots or the O.B. Burger (sub chicken if you’re being good).  We usually hit up watering hole to stay hydrated once we get over to Mission Beach.  Likely stops include, Sandbar, Lahaina Beach House, Open Bar, Draft…really, there are just too many to all mention.  No!  We don’t hit them all in one day!  We have done this ride MANY times with MANY of our out of town visitors, so trust us, it’s a very fun day.  After an all-day ride, with lots of stops, sometimes we just don’t have it in us to ride back to Ocean Beach.  Here’s where K-Dub’s REALLY comes in handy: just lock your bike rental up and we will come get it!  Call yourself an Uber or Lyft to drive you home and let K-Dub worry about the bike!