We all had a somewhat solid plan for a marketing idea going into K-Dub’s Beach Rentals; contact property managers and get our brochures and refrigerator magnets inside their properties. We also discussed the ‘feet to the pavement’ approach.  To talk about the latter of the two, K-Dub (Kevin) walked MILES doing the old school method of marketing and advertising by going around to houses and businesses and hanging door hangers. He would park at a neutral location, whether it be in Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, or Pacific Beach and then hop on his beach cruiser to head towards the homes by the beach. Eventually locking up his bike and walking block to block spreading the word. Hence “feet to the pavement” (I guess you can also say ‘wheels to the pavement’). After a period of time of Kevin walking/cruising/driving the streets and alleys of San Diego, we discovered the benefits and opportunities through business to business collaboration.

A few months ago, Natasha and Michelle of Tri-Power yoga reached out to us to have a sit down and discuss ideas and ways to work together. Once we got together at a neutral meeting place we sat down and started brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other. One hour and pages of jotted down notes later we came up with a few solid ideas, some being mainly during the summer, another being something everyone could do all year around.

The first collaboration that is underway is a beach cruising/yoga/beer event. The ladies at Tri-Power get a list going of people who would like to participate, Kevin delivers the beach cruisers, they take off to Sunset Cliffs to do yoga, and then they cruise back to OB Brewery for a well-deserved pint (or two) of beer! After that the group rides back to the yoga studio where Kevin will pick up the bikes. An awesome way to meet new people, get a great exercise, and collab with another local business in OB Brewery.

About a month after our initial sit down, Natasha and Michelle reached out to Justin Hollon, owner and operator of Bluejay Aerial Videography to get a drone video of us cruising down Newport Avenue to Sunset Cliffs and back down to OB Brewery. Pretty much the route which would be taken during the actual event. It was a great idea on their part as a way of promoting and marketing this event. And it came out amazing!

Currently things are in motion just ironing out a few kinks and everything will be ready to go soon! We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this event and can’t wait to see the turnout and the final product! Be sure to stop in to Tri-Power Yoga at 2183 Bacon St. Visit them online at www.tripoweryoga.org and follow them on Instagram @tripower_yoga. A big thanks to Justin at Bluejay Aerial Videography, check out his amazing work and give him a follow @bluejaydrone. And finally, we want to thank OB Brewery, stop in and grab a flight or some food and check them out on Instagram @ob_brewery. Click the link below to see the test run on YouTube!