An Afternoon of Beach Cruising & Tacos!

K-Dub’s Beach Rentals owners, Eric and Nancy, took time off of their busy weekend schedule of surfin’ and partyin’ to help find some of the best tacos in the beach areas.  There are [...]

10 Reasons To Choose K-Dub’s Over Dockless Bikes

We aren't the first, and likely we won't be the last, to talk about the dockless bikes that have parked themselves here in San Diego.  You can’t miss them…those bright green, yellow, red, [...]

The Perks of Working in San Diego

Being able to live in San Diego is a wonderful luxury. Also, being able to work here and to own and work at a business that brings happiness to people makes living here [...]

Business to Business Connections

We all had a somewhat solid plan for a marketing idea going into K-Dub’s Beach Rentals; contact property managers and get our brochures and refrigerator magnets inside their properties. We also discussed the [...]

SD Voyager Magazine

K-Dub's Beach Rentals was featured in the online publication, SD Voyager. Click on the link below to learn more about K-Dub's. http://sdvoyager.com/interview/meet-nancy-jayson-eric-jayson-kevin-white-k-dubs-beach-rentals-ocean-beachpacific-beachmission-beach/  

Winter is coming….But The Fun Doesn’t Have to Stop

Although winter is coming that shouldn't mean we can't be outside having fun and staying active! The great thing about San Diego is the weather is very consistent all year round. Which means [...]

How to Scope a New Break and Score Great Waves

San Diego is home to (literally) hundreds of surf breaks. From National City to Oceanside Harbor - we are blessed with so much wave variety that there is literally something for every level [...]

In The Life of K-Dub

I knew starting a beach gear delivery service with my sister and brother, I would meet and interact with a lot of people from all over the United States and even people from [...]

The Best Spots to Paddle Board in San Diego

There are a lot of great areas when it comes to paddle boarding in San Diego, but we have chosen our top 5 favorite spots that we also think you would love! Be [...]

Hosting a Party on the Beach or Bay?

The beautiful weather and long days of summer are finally here in San Diego! Are you planning a full day party on the beach or bay but don’t have everything needed? Well look [...]

Cornhole Rules and Regulations

Cornhole Boards 1. Place on a flat surface 24/27 feet apart (front to front). 2. The cornhole board surface should be 2' x 4'. 3. A 6" hole, centered 9" from the back [...]

Paddle Boarding in Santa Barbara Cove in Mission Bay

If you’re vacationing in North Mission Beach or just looking for a different place to paddle board, Santa Barbara Cove is a terrific spot. With both paddle board routes I’ve included in this [...]

Bike Route Along Mission Bay

  If you want a bike ride with views of Mission Bay, this is the route for you! On this ride, you will cruise around the bay in its entirety, and with it [...]

Bike Route from Ocean Beach to Downtown San Diego

This is a great bike route to take because you get to bike through Ocean Beach and Point Loma, have views of the San Diego Bay and you can also experience downtown San [...]

Paddle Boarding from Liberty Station in San Diego Bay

Another great Paddle Boarding route I have personally taken a handful of times. For this one I like to start Paddle Boarding from the Courtyard Marriot (located at 2592 Laning Rd. In Liberty [...]

Bike Route from Ocean Beach to North Pacific Beach

When friends visit, one of our FAVORITE things to do is bike around our local San Diego beach towns.  San Diego bike rentals are available in store fronts in certain areas, mostly in [...]

Paddle Boarding in San Diego Bay from Kellogg Beach

Kellogg Beach is another fantastic spot to take off on a day or half day paddle boarding adventure. Although the beach lacks in overall size, compared to your mission bay beaches, it makes [...]

Paddle Boarding from Ventura Cove in Mission Bay

Ventura Cove is one of my favorite spots to paddle board for a bunch of different reasons. It is located on Gleason Rd and W. Mission Bay Dr, just east of the Bahia [...]

Paddle Boarding from De Anza Cove in Mission Bay

This is great paddle boarding spot with easy parking on large lot near the boat ramp. The parking lot is just north of Clairemont Dr on the west side of North Mission Bay [...]

Welcome to K-Dub’s Paddle Board Blog

Stand-up Paddle boarding is a great way to get some exercise and see the sites.  As an avid paddle boarder, let K-Dub recommend some of his favorite spots.  Pick your route, and K-Dub [...]

Surf Spots (coming soon)

Surfing and San Diego are like the peas and carrots of the west coast. No matter what your skill level, K-Dub can point you to the best break to avoid the crowds and [...]

Welcome to K-Dub’s Bike Routes Blog

Welcome to our bike route blog, fellow bicyclists and beach cruisers!  Spending a day cruising around on bikes is one of K-Dub’s favorite pass-times.  Bikes are a very convenient and fun way tp [...]

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