Ventura Cove is one of my favorite spots to paddle board for a bunch of different reasons. It is located on Gleason Rd and W. Mission Bay Dr, just east of the Bahia hotel. There is a very big parking lot so you won’t have to worry about driving around finding a place to park. The cove is the perfect spot to take off on your stand up paddle board with over a half of a mile of sandy beach to get right into the water.

Although it is an already convenient location, let K-Dub make it even easier for you and he can drop off your boards right to the beach. I’ve highlighted, in different colors, two of my favorite routes to paddle board, taking off from Ventura cove.

Easy Mission Bay Paddle Board Route

2 Miles & 1-2 Hours

While both routes are an easy paddle, I’ve found the route in green to be the easiest. This route is a little under two miles, with a bunch of areas to stop if you decide to take a break. Paddling northwest from the launching spot in Ventura cove, you have a no wake zone the entire way which makes for easy paddling conditions. Always dependent on mother nature of course, with wind. If there is no wind, or a light to moderate breeze, you can expect a very easy and comfortable commute!

As you continue paddling northwest you can hug the shoreline of Ventura cove (which will be on your left side) you’ll come to the end of the peninsula, called Bahia point. From there you can make your way west and take in all the views of the beautiful bay front houses, with plenty of shoreline to dock your paddle board if you get tired. As you make your way back east away from the Bayfront houses you’ll come across a docking slip on your left in El Carmel Point. Paddle through the slips and check out all the boats that are docked. It’s always interesting to read the names people have come up with for their boats. Very entertaining as well.

From El Carmel Point you’ll head east towards the shore and you can either rest, or enjoy a meal and cocktail at one of the two restaurants located right off the shore. Tidal, a great seafood restaurant. A nice, relaxing spot overlooking the bay. Or, Barefoot Bar & Grill, just east of Tidal with an amazing oceanfront patio. I recommend the $5 happy hour from 3-6, good selection of draft beers and cocktails and delicious appetizers! After you’ve enjoyed your meal and cocktail, paddle board a half mile or so, heading south toward the original launching spot at Ventura Cove, and your two-mile paddle is complete!

Scenic Longer Paddle Board Route in Mission Bay

4 Miles & 3-4 Hours

The second route I recommend, I’ve highlighted in yellow. This route is a slightly longer paddle at roughly four miles. Again, with a no wake zone the entire way. This route is my favorite of the routes, taking off from Ventura cove. Consisting of a great workout, in addition to great views of Sea World and one of the nation’s largest off-leash dog parks, Fiesta Island. Not to mention another great restaurant and bar to make a pit stop.

Starting out from Ventura Cove you’ll want to head northeast wrapping around Ventura cove park, which will be on your right-hand side. Make your way east and you will see The Mission Bay Dr. bridge to the south. As you see the Mission Bay Dr. bridge you will head north and you are now in the mission bay channel approaching south cove. To your right, you will see Sunset Point with another dock slip, as mentioned before have a look at all the different boats and vessels there.

Directly south of the docks is Firefly Restaurant and Bar. They have a great lunch menu and very reasonably priced appetizers and drinks. As you make your paddle back to South cove, head east and directly in front of you, you will see the Ingram St bridge. After you pass the bridge you can either head southeast and take in all the views of the world-famous Sea World (and maybe even catch a peak of a show) or continue heading east and you will have Fiesta Island on your right. A great spot to take a break and watch all the happy dogs running around. Now, by this point you have paddled quite a way. What if you’re too tired to paddle board back to Ventura Cove? That is no problem at all! Give K-dubs a call and he can pick you up from your location, easy as that. Or if want to keep going with that great workout, paddle back the same route towards the original launching point.

Choose Either Paddle Board Routes or Both!

I hope you found this blog helpful with deciding on routes or locations to enjoy your paddle boarding experience. These are just a few, of many routes, that are possible to take in the San Diego area. Stay tuned for more locations and routes that K-Dub has found most enjoyable. We here at K-Dub’s beach rentals appreciate you taking the time to read our suggestion and tips and hope to see you out on the water very soon. We can take care of all your beach gear needs, delivery is fast and easy. You focus on the fun, let K-Dub’s do the rest!