Kellogg Beach is another fantastic spot to take off on a day or half day paddle boarding adventure. Although the beach lacks in overall size, compared to your mission bay beaches, it makes up for in its amazing scenery (on or off your paddle board). You have the long stretch of Shelter Island, the downtown skyline, views of Coronado, and hundreds of yacht and boat docks, to name a few. Located at 2914 McCall St, just east of Rosecrans, tucked behind a beautiful neighborhood at the very end of McCall.

Now, since this is a neighborhood, parking is hit or miss. There aren’t any public parking lots nearby so if you don’t feel like driving around and trying to get lucky with a spot, I suggest getting dropped off or take a lyft. Either way, K-Dub can be there within minutes with your paddle board! I’ve highlighted in green and yellow, two suggested paddle board routes that I have paddled a number of times. Both routes being relatively straight shots, but don’t let that stop you from wandering off on a course of your own.

Paddle Boarding Through Boat Docks in San Diego Bay

1.5 Miles & 1 hour

This route, I have highlighted in green, on the picture of the map above. A great paddle boarding route for beginners, since there is a ‘no-wake zone’ throughout. Or for anyone simply trying to have a nice, relaxing paddle. As I said it’s a straight shot with the route I provided, you’ll want to head Northeast from the launching spot at Kellogg beach in the direction of all the dock slips. As you continue your paddle you will have dock slips on your left and your right.

To your right, behind the boats you have shelter island, and to your left, also behind the boat docks you have Southwestern yacht club. I, myself, tend to wander around while I’m taking this route and go through all the slips and gaze at the beautiful yachts on display. I have yet to paddle board through all of them (there are quite a few), but one day I will be able to say I have! Why not, go off course and have a little more fun. If you keep heading northeast, on your left you have San Diego Yacht Club, with even more boats to look at it. Just ahead of that, is where the route stops and just like that your already halfway through the 1.5 miles.

All that’s left is back the way you came, or you can wonder off and on your right side (past San Diego Yacht club) is a little inlet and you can park your paddle board on the beach if you decide to take a break. Once you get back to the original launching point, assuming you are done paddle boarding, call K-Dub and he will be there within minutes to pick up your gear. Don’t forget to look at our selection of beach chairs, canopies and umbrellas. Stay on Kellogg Beach and make a day of it!

Paddle Boarding Alongside Shelter Island in San Diego Bay

3 Miles 2-3 Hours

I have marked out in yellow, this specific route to take. It’s a fun one, also being twice the length of the previous route, it’ll sure get your arms, shoulders and abs a run for their money. I kept it alongside the island merely for the fact of the no wake zone, but if you’d like to take your paddle board outside the no wake zone, be my guest. Just be cautious of incoming boats or ships, of course. Unfortunately, this route doesn’t have any beaches to dock your paddle board until you are about a mile in. If you happen to get tired, in any case, I recommend just sitting on your paddle board to give your feet and all the other muscles you’ve been using a break. Starting out from Kellogg beach, head southeast towards the tip of Shelter Island, you’ll see a build-up of rocks on your left-hand side and, the “friendship bell”. Which has a quite a history behind it!

You will see those rocks on your left your entire time during this paddle until you reach the sandy shore I mentioned early. On your right, you can see Coronado Island and maybe even see a Military aircraft taking off or landing. As you continue on, just passed the friendship bell you have Kona Kai Resort & Spa. I haven’t been there myself but it looks like an absolutely beautiful place to stay for a vacation. From there you will see the Shelter Island Pier and after that will be the beach I was talking about. Park your paddle boards and take a breather if you’d like.

Continuing North alongside shelter island, on your left you will see a little inlet where they bring their boats in and out of the water. Paddling along you will come to the other tip of the Island and there you have Bali Hai, famous for their delicious Mai Tais. I would recommend going in to get one, but unfortunately there isn’t a beach to dock your paddle board. Bummer, I know! If you do have time though after paddle boarding, go in there and give one a try. There you have it, that’s half of your route. Continue back the direction you came towards Kellogg Beach and your 3-mile paddle is done!


I hope you have a great time on either of these routes (or both), and don’t forget to write a little comment or review and tell me what you thought! We would love to hear your experience. These are routes I have had the pleasure of taking, if you happened to go off course and found that one appealing, let us know. I, (K-dub) am open for new suggestions and would love to try it out. Have a great time out there and think of K-Dub’s Beach Rentals for all your beach gear needs.