If you’re vacationing in North Mission Beach or just looking for a different place to paddle board, Santa Barbara Cove is a terrific spot. With both paddle board routes I’ve included in this K-blog you get your mix of views, workouts, places to eat and plenty of area to dock your paddle board if you need to rest. I have highlighted both routes in different colors: Yellow being the longer paddle, and Green the shorter Paddle. Did I mention that I deliver the paddle boards directly to you and pick them up when you’re done? It doesn’t get much easier and convenient than that!

Longer Paddle (yellow line) 2 miles & 1 Hour

I’ve started this paddle in the bayside of Santa Barbara Cove, right at the eastern end of San Luis Obispo where it meets the beach. Once you are all set up and ready to go paddle east out of the cove past the two peninsulas. El Carmel Point on your left and Bahia Point on your right. Continue paddle boarding east toward the upcoming island and under the Ingraham St. bridge, after the bridge you will come to the northern tip of the island which is Crown point, which also has available shores to dock your paddle board if you feel the need to take a break. From Crown point you’re in great spot to see the off-leash dog park at Fiesta Island and Sea World. Paddle board south after crown point about half a mile and youll come up to the southern Ingraham St. bridge and begin to paddle west, wrapping around the island and you will see a boat slip. From there if you are feeling hungry you can stop in to either Barefoot Bar & Grill or Tidal and get a bite to eat. Continue heading west after the boat slip and start paddle boarding back through the two peninsulas and you have arrived back to your starting point. I have done this paddle board route a handful of times and it never ceases to amaze!

Shorter Paddle (green line) ½ mile & 30minutes

If you’re looking for a short paddle, this is a great route for you. Very short, but a workout nonetheless! Paddle east through El Carmel Point and Bahia Point, you will see boat slips on both your left and right. After passing through the two Points continue paddling east towards the island, mess around on your paddle board for a while or get off on the shore and take a long around. After that paddle back in the direction you came, back through the two peninsulas and that’s it!

A fun way to paddle board and get a little exercise in and at the same time see a bunch of different views.  Hope you enjoyed this K-blog and if you found it helpful, feel free to leave some comments!