Stand-up Paddle boarding is a great way to get some exercise and see the sites.  As an avid paddle boarder, let K-Dub recommend some of his favorite spots.  Pick your route, and K-Dub will meet you at the launch spot and bring the boards to the water’s edge.  Enjoy a half day (less than 4 hours) or full day (more than 4 hours) at some of the best paddle board rental prices in San Diego, without the hassle of carrying your boards to the water.  If you get too tired to get back to the launch spot or don’t want to paddle up-wind, paddle to any one of the many beaches and call K-Dub to come pick up the boards.

Six of K-Dub’s favorite spots to launch are:

Mission Bay Park

  1. De Anza Cove
  2. Crown Point
  3. Santa Barbara Cove
  4. Mariner’s Basin

San Diego Bay

  1. Liberty Station
  2. Kellogg Beach

Detailed descriptions of specific routes, sights to see, and places to stop for each spot are provided in separate blog posts.  We hope you enjoy the information.  Please consider K-Dub’s Beach Rentals for your San Diego paddle board rental needs.  You can also review the maps of Mission Bay and San Diego Bay to understand the various boating areas, no-wake zones (best for easy paddling), and restricted areas, particular the military areas in San Diego bay.