There are a lot of great areas when it comes to paddle boarding in San Diego, but we have chosen our top 5 favorite spots that we also think you would love! Be sure to check them out and let us know if you enjoyed them as much as we do!

1) Venture Cove in Mission Bay

Ventura Cove is one of my favorite spots to paddle board for a bunch of different reasons. It is located on Gleason Rd and W. Mission Bay Dr, just east of the Bahia hotel. There is a very big parking lot so you won’t have to worry about driving around finding a place to park. The cove is the perfect spot to take off on your stand up paddle board with over a half of a mile of sandy beach to get right into the water.

2) Kellogg Beach in San Diego Bay

Kellogg Beach is another fantastic spot to take off on a day or half day paddle boarding adventure. Although the beach lacks in overall size, compared to your mission bay beaches, it makes up for in its amazing scenery (on or off your paddle board). You have the long stretch of Shelter Island, the downtown skyline, views of Coronado, and hundreds of yacht and boat docks, to name a few. Located at 2914 McCall St, just east of Rosecrans, tucked behind a beautiful neighborhood at the very end of McCall.

3) Liberty Station in San Diego Bay

This is a route I have personally taken a handful of times. For this one I like to start Paddle Boarding from the Courtyard Marriot (located at 2592 Laning Rd. In Liberty Station) because of the available parking and easy access to the beach. Parking and the easy beach access is a good commodity here on this paddle board route. Making things a lot easier and smoother. Here you can possibly catch a glimpse of some dolphins in training, all the amazing boats and yachts and if you go early in the morning, paddle board during the sunrise!

4) Santa Barbara Cove in Mission Bay

I’f you’re vacationing in North Mission Beach or just looking for a different place to paddle board, Santa Barbara Cove is a terrific spot. Parking is very limited, so just call K-Dub and he can deliver it right to you! Here you will get your mix of views, constant workouts, places to eat and plenty of areas to dock your paddle board if you need to rest.

5) De Anza Cove in Mission Bay

Tons of free parking and plenty of areas to launch out on your paddle board. De Anza Cove is a great spot to enjoy calm water views of Sea World, maybe even catch a show, Fiesta Island off-leash dog park, and Crown Point, just to name a few. This is another one of my personal favorite areas to get out into the water on my paddle board. lots of sights to see and plenty of open water to paddle around!