Being able to live in San Diego is a wonderful luxury. Also, being able to work here and to own and work at a business that brings happiness to people makes living here that much more rewarding. Since the beginning of starting our company our number one main goal (besides becoming successful, of course) was to excel in our customer service. Customer service is and always will be the first topic of our company meetings. Are we always putting on a smile? Are we always able to accommodate the renter? What could we be doing better to enhance our customers vacation? These and many other questions are what we strive to achieve on a daily basis.

After all, our targeted audience is out of towners who are on vacation or anyone on vacation in general looking to have an enjoyable time. That in itself is what sort of makes our job just a little bit easier. We encounter hundreds of different faces, from all over the world on any given month but one thing always seems to remain the same: They are here to have fun. Being able to deliver beach equipment to these people who have a positive, happy go-lucky attitude just makes our job that much better. So, in order to keep them happy and smiling we always try to go one step further to complement their vacation. That could be a multitude of things from being as small to: being early with their order or to: being a little more hands on and accommodating by setting up their equipment for them. They may seem like trivial things, but we have come to realize these little things leave a lasting impression on them and in turn leaves them with an overall wonderful experience from K-Dub’s Beach Rentals.

We always encourage our customers to leave us reviews to share how they enjoyed renting from us or even what they didn’t like or what we could do better. We always love constructive criticism because that gives us ways to improve things the next time for future customers. We have been very grateful with 5-star reviews since we have opened and that is what is all about. Like I mentioned earlier, our main goal is customer service and seeing all those positive reviews is what makes it worth it. Keep em’ coming! We will continue to provide for you any way we can and work to make your vacation that much better here in San Diego!

See you on the beach!