We aren’t the first, and likely we won’t be the last, to talk about the dockless bikes that have parked themselves here in San Diego.  You can’t miss them…those bright green, yellow, red, orange bikes sitting all in a row around our beaches, near the hotels, and bus stops.  They’re everywhere.

Our communities have mixed feelings about them, some positive but a lot negative as they are a bit of an eye sore and end up parked in inconvenient places.  If you look closely, some of those bright green bikes can be seen at the bottom of the ocean floor on a clear day

Photo Credit: Chirsty Moloney

Littering the oceans and the sidewalks aside, there is an undeniable convenience of it all and it’s clear that there is a need/desire for folks to utilize a bike to get around town versus hopping in an Uber, Lyft or walking.

But…we can do better for San Diego.

K-Dub’s Beach Rentals, opened in November 2016.  In our first month, we made $9.  Our business has steadily grown, people are hearing about us, Googling us, and recommending us to their out of town guests and visitors.

Thank you!

However, since the dockless bike invasion, we’ve seen bike rentals drop, not back down to $9 a month, but down nonetheless.  How can we compete with a bike that you can rent for $1?!  We know firsthand what is costs to purchase and maintain bikes.

Although we can’t lower our already low prices, we’ve come up with some reasons why you should rent from K-Dub’s and skip the dockless bike:

  1. K-Dub’s delivers bikes directly to you, wherever you are, however many you need.
  2. With each bike rental, you are offered a lock and helmet.
  3. Your beach cruiser will be well maintained and if there is a malfunction, K-Dub will come fix it for you or swap it out.
  4. K-Dub’s offers so much more than beach cruisers; our inventory includes surfboards, paddleboards, volleyball nets, beach games, and so much more!
  5. Shop/support local business!
  6. K-Dub’s beach cruisers look cool
  7. Our prices for daily rental are low! $20 for 24 hours.  Discounts given for multiple days AND repeat customers.
  8. Don’t litter! K-Dub’s believes in responsible bike riding and renting, we pick up our bikes when you’re done!  Our bikes will never block your sidewalk, wheelchair ramp or be parked on your lawn.
  9. Two words — customer service!
  10. Ordering online is fast and easy: start here


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