Although winter is coming that shouldn’t mean we can’t be outside having fun and staying active! The great thing about San Diego is the weather is very consistent all year round. Which means basically all the stuff we do during the summer can be done during the winter.

Say you want to go surfing but worried the water will be too cold, don’t fear! We have wetsuit rentals available ūüôā¬† Renting beach cruisers and riding bikes in San Diego is also a year round activity. You will always see people riding up and down the boardwalks of Pacific Beach, through the streets of Ocean beach and along the Bay in Mission Beach.¬† Paddle Boarding is another fun way to get “in the water” during the winter. Rent a paddle board and SUP around the bay for an early morning sunrise or during the day for that mid day workout or in the evening to catch the sunset. As for the beach games, its never to cold to work up a sweat. Rent a volleyball net and set it up at the beach with your friends and family. Volleyball is a good way to be at the beach while getting a good workout in. Cornhole and bocce ball can also be played basically anywhere. In the sand or on the grass near the bay. If you don’t want to get in the water but still want that ocean breeze and relaxation of the waves crashing. Rent some beach chairs, an umbrella or two along with a cooler and make a beach day out of it!